Matt Boden

North Central Air -Downs, KS

“I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Longshot Enterprises.  I am well aware of their product and the type of company they are because we have worked together for about 20 years. We have purchased a countless number of different covers and tarps from Longshot Enterprises in this time period and continue to do so, as they have never been late or changed the quality of their product.

The main products they supply us with are covers for our gas powered air compressors that are going to sit outside in the elements. These covers are everything we could ask for; they are built out of a heavy material and stitched very well for the abuse they take on a daily basis. We have received several compliments on them from our customers, and we have never had a cover that was defective, nor have we had one that wouldn’t fit.

The turnaround time they have when we order our product is another reason we continue to use Longshots. We place an order and within a day or two it’s ready for us to pick up. They have never been late or out of stock on anything we have ordered.

Overall they are a fantastic, friendly, and very reliable company. I strongly recommend them to anyone or any company that requires a product of this nature.”