Longshot Stock Smoke Tarp (8′ x 8′ w/ 8′ drops)

Longshot Stock Smoke Tarp (8′ x 8′ w/ 8′ drops)


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The purpose of a Smoke Tarp is to protect cargo from damage caused by your rig’s exhaust stack.  Smoke tarps are smaller in size and designed to fit onto the front of a flat-bed trailer.  Using a Smoke Tarp is the best way to prevent damage and discoloration. Smoke Tarps are the best way to protect your cargo from elements like:  Soot, smoke, dust, and/or exhaust fumes.

Longshot Enterprises’ Stock Smoke Tarp is fabricated in Kansas. The tarp material we use for our stock smoke tarps is black 18oz vinyl coated polyester (VCP).  Our stock size is 8’ length x 8’ wide w/ 8’ drops.  These tarps have 2 rows of D-Rings on all sides with #3 brass grommets in a reinforced perimeter hem. .  We use 2” polyester webbing along the length and width of the tarp and 1½” polyester webbing reinforced with vinyl to attach the D-Rings.  Longshots uses a heavy 207 thread in our double needle Lockstitch machines.



Product Specifications:

Weight 18oz/yard²
Construction 100% Polyester
1000D x 1300D (18 x 17)
Tensile Strength (Grab) 410 pounds x 410 pounds
Tensile Strength (Strip) 300 pounds x 300 pounds
Tear Strength (Tongue) 100 pounds x 100 pounds
Adhesion Strength 12 x 10 pounds/inch
Abrasion Resistance 400 cycles
Hydrostatic Resistance At least 600 pounds/inch²
U.V. Resistance Not excessive fading after 300 hours
Cold Crack -40˚ Fahrenheit
High Temperature Resistance 180˚ Fahrenheit

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Royal Blue, Red, Tan, Purple, Green & more!


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