Longshot Stock Lumber Tarp (29′ x 8′ w/ 8′ drops)

Longshot Stock Lumber Tarp (29′ x 8′ w/ 8′ drops)


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Longshot Enterprises Stock Lumber Tarps are fabricated in Kansas.  The tarp material we use for our stock lumber tarps is 18oz vinyl coated polyester (VCP). We use a 14oz VCP on the sides to reduce the weight of the tarp.  Our stock size is 29 foot length x 8 foot width with 8 foot drops and with a front flap.  There are three rows of reinforced D-Rings.  We use 2” polyester webbing along the length and 1½” polyester webbing reinforced with vinyl to attach the D-Rings.  Longshots uses heavy 207 polyester thread in our double needle Lockstitch machines.  Our tarps have #3 brass grommets in the reinforced hems around the perimeter of each tarp.



                                  Product Specifications:

Weight 18oz/yard²
Construction 100% Polyester
1000D x 1300D (18 x 17)
Tensile Strength (Grab) 410 pounds x 410 pounds
Tensile Strength (Strip) 300 pounds x 300 pounds
Tear Strength (Tongue) 100 pounds x 100 pounds
Adhesion Strength 12 x 10 pounds/inch
Abrasion Resistance 400 cycles
Hydrostatic Resistance At least 600 pounds/inch²
U.V. Resistance Not excessive fading after 300 hours
Cold Crack -40˚ Fahrenheit
High Temperature Resistance 180˚ Fahrenheit

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Royal Blue, Red, Tan, Purple, Green & more!


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