Hay Tarps

Hay Tarps

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Longshot Enterprises manufactures its Hay Tarps out of a 10 oz Polyethylene material. We customize the size and options for tie down to meet your specific needs. Three common ways that we manufacture our hay tarps include: Pockets on all four sides, grommets spaced every 2’ on center in the hem, or Dee Rings sewed into the hem every 4’.



Product Specifications:

Weight 12oz/yard²
Count Woven HDPE Scrim
16 x 16 (8×8 double stacked)
(1600 denier)
Coating Thickness 4mil average, two sides, LDPE
Thickness 23mil
Tensile Strength (Grab) Warp 370 / Weft 345
Strip Tensile (lb/in) Warp 250 / Weft 235
Tear Strength (Tongue) Warp 110 / Weft 100
Mullen Burst Strength 650 pounds per inch²
FR Performance Class 1 requirements met
U.V. Resistance
Accelerated Weathering
>90% strength after 2,000 hours

Colors: Silver/White in stock

SPECIAL ARMORKOTE PROPERTIES (Compared to previous generation Novashield P2000):

  1. Flex Crack Resistant – Improved by 300%
  2. Has ten times the abrasive resistance
  3. Improved seam strength by 150% at room temperature and 200% at +60˚ Celsius
  4. Improved chemical resistance by 2.25 times the outdoor life of in previous product and current competitor products.


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