Grill Covers

Grill Covers


Longshot Enterprises manufactures its BBQ Grill Covers out of an 18 oz vinyl material that is fitted to the dimensions of your grill. Made out of the same material that is used for agricultural and commercial applications this cover will last you literally years. We place grommets in the hem for easy access to secure your cover.


18OZ VCP (VINYL COATED POLYESTER): *This is the most popular fabric option

Product Specifications:

Weight 18oz/yard²
Construction 100% Polyester
1000D x 1300D (18 x 17)
Tensile Strength (Grab) 410 pounds x 410 pounds
Tensile Strength (Strip) 300 pounds x 300 pounds
Tear Strength (Tongue) 100 pounds x 100 pounds
Adhesion Strength 12 x 10 pounds/inch
Abrasion Resistance 400 cycles
Hydrostatic Resistance At least 600 pounds/inch²
U.V. Resistance Not excessive fading after 300 hours
Cold Crack -40˚ Fahrenheit
High Temperature Resistance 180˚ Fahrenheit

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Royal Blue, Red, Tan, Purple, Green & more!


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