We offer a selection of materials with several different uses. Dust control, Smoke or Material containment, and/or heating/cooling. We have an 18 ounce white vinyl coated polyester (VCP) material that allows a moderate amount of light through (to generate a little light through during the day and yet reflect interior lighting at night.) We also have a “clear” translucent laminate that is a 15oz per square yard material, that is popular in the ag industry for use in confinement barns for various livestock. These are our two best sellers. Various materials and colors are available. Call for options and pricing!

Here at Longshot Enterprises,  we also have a variety of curtain hardware products to choose from.   We design side to side curtains, roll up curtains, manual, and automatic roll up curtains.  We can assist you in getting the curtains you need to achieve your ideal shop environment. Whether the shop curtains purpose is for creating spaces, climate control, safety, and/or privacy; we are ready to make your concept come to life!


  • Shop Curtains are far less expensive and are very simple to install (compared to rigid walls)
  • If you no longer need them, they can be taken down quickly or easily repurposed for a different area
  • They are a great cost efficient way to protect areas/items from things like dust, debris, unpleasant odors, and/or paint over-spray
  • They make it simple to divide work areas quickly
  • The material is easy to clean, extremely durable, and is premium quality VCP (so it will last a very long time)
  • Shop Curtains are a great form of protection and allow you to control environmental elements such as:  Temperature, light, privacy, and safety.


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