Longshot Enterprises: A Decade of Excellence at the Pittsburgh Four State Farm Show

May 9, 2023 | By longshot-admin

Introduction: Longshot Enterprises, located at 824 N 9th St, Salina, Kansas, has been a staple at the Pittsburgh Four State Farm Show for over a decade. The company is renowned for its manufacturing of agricultural and industrial tarps, as well as a range of related products and services. In this blog post, we’ll explore Longshot Enterprises’ journey, its ongoing commitment to the agricultural industry, and its continued success at the Four State Farm Show.

The Wide Range of Offerings: Longshot Enterprises manufactures a variety of tarps, including Roll- Tarps, Hay Tarps, Hoop Building Covers, Seed Pallet Covers, Generator Covers, Barn Ventilation Curtains, Grain Drill Covers, and more. They also maintain an inventory of straps and tie-downs for quick orders. In addition, the company offers both manual and motorized tarping systems, replacement hardware, and installation services out of their Salina, Kansas location.

Motivation to Attend the Farm Show: Longshot Enterprises has been motivated to attend the Four State Farm Show due to its wide reach across multiple industries, including trucking, agricultural, and industrial sectors. The event provides an excellent platform for the company to showcase its products and services to a diverse audience.

Partnerships and Innovations: Over the past 15 years, Longshot Enterprises has maintained a strong partnership with Agri-Cover during the farm show. At the upcoming event, the company plans to showcase a new rear chain arm (manufactured by Agri-Cover) for end dumps and walking floor trailers.

Growing with the Farm Show: Longshot Enterprises has experienced consistent growth in sales at the farm show, thanks to overall attendance, new innovative product releases, and their exceptional sales team, including John Livingston. The company’s ongoing success at the event is a testament to its dedication to providing the best quality products to its customers.

Engaging with the Farming Community: During the event, Longshot Enterprises engages with its customers and the broader farming community at booth number B17, located in Section B (The Plaster Center). The company’s representative, John Livingston, will be available to address questions and provide information about their products and services.

Future of Agriculture and Longshot Enterprises: As the agricultural industry evolves, Longshot Enterprises remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. By offering electric systems and cutting-edge commercial fabrics, the company continues to support the growth of the Midwest’s agricultural sector.

Advice for Agricultural Businesses: For businesses considering attending the Four State Farm Show, Longshot Enterprises recommends preparing for warm weather if your booth is located outside. Bring sunscreen and a fan to ensure a comfortable experience.

Upcoming Events: The Four State Farm Show opens on May 19th, 2023.  Longshot Enterprises will also be attending several other notable events later this year, including the Gateway Farm Show in November, Amarillo Farm Show in November, and Nebraska Ag Expo in December.

Conclusion: Longshot Enterprises’ decade-long presence at the Four State Farm Show reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to the agricultural industry. With a wide range of products and services, strategic partnerships, and a dedication to innovation, Longshot Enterprises continues to support the growth and success of the Midwest’s agricultural sector.

Event: Four State Farm Show

Dates:  Friday May 19th through Sunday May 21st, 2023

Location:   Pittsburg State University

                  1701 S. Homer St.

                  Pittsburg, KS 66762  

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