Livestock Curtains

We realize how important it is to protect your livestock from harsh climate throughout the year. A Livestock Curtain system allows you to provide an ideal living environment for your pigs, chickens, and cows. When it’s nice outside, you can quickly transform their living space into an indoor/outdoor area (with a simple turn of a crank handle). Livestock Curtains are the best option to protect, contain, and maintain control of both your livestock as well as the environment that surrounds it. This product is an adjustable wall that protects against predators, harsh weather conditions, as well as many other variables that may potentially pose a threat to your livestock. If you want a product that has maximum durability (for long term wear), then you need Livestock Curtains from Longshot Enterprises. 

We only use top quality material options to ensure that our product will provide superior protection and product longevity. Both material options are Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP). The most popular material choice for this product is our 15oz Clear Vinyl VCP Laminated Gloss. We also make Livestock Curtains using our 18oz White VCP material. If you prefer to have less visibility through the curtain wall, then the 18oz White VCP is a better choice.  Both material options are mildew resistant. They also contain UV inhibitors.  Both are high-quality materials that can withstand adverse weather conditions. and for long term durability.  


Size: Custom size to fit your every need

Hems: Normal hem size is 3″ or 4″. We can make them whatever size you need.

Material Options: Either 15oz Clear Vinyl VCP Laminated Gloss or 18oz White VCP

Sewing Specifications: We use a premium 207 count thread. All of our products are hand sewn using double-needle lock stitch machines to ensure longevity. 

Additions: We can sew in additional hems and pipe pockets. We can also add extra reinforcement (by sewing in 2″ webbing).


We also stock Livestock Curtain hardware. As you may be aware, there are many systems/options available. We keep some parts and supplies in stock (items such as screws, bolts, and even gear motors.) We are committed to helping you find what you need to keep your system going.


Curtain Calculator

Additions to Curtain

Estimated Cost:

1" 0.083
2" 0.167
3" 0.25
4" 0.333
5" 0.4417
6" 0.5
7" 0.583
8" 0.667
9" 0.75
10" 0.833
11" 0.917
12" 1

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