Celebrating the Father-Son Legacy at Longshot Enterprises LLC: A Father’s Day Tribute

June 16, 2023 | By longshot-admin

As we approach Father’s Day, it’s a fitting time to acknowledge and celebrate the father figures who’ve shaped our lives. Today, we at Longshot Enterprises LLC, would like to pay tribute to all fathers worldwide, spotlighting the significant contribution of a special father-son duo within our company – Doug and Bryan Long.

Doug Long, the stalwart of Longshot Enterprises, epitomizes the spirit of the baby boomer generation. Born and bred in the heartland, Doug represents values of perseverance, integrity, and hard work. More than two decades ago, Doug embarked on a journey with a dream and a determined vision. As a hands-on leader, he worked alongside his production team, dedicating countless hours and immeasurable effort to mold the company into what we see today.

In March of 2023, a significant transition took place at Longshot Enterprises. Bryan Long, Doug’s son, returned to the company to help guide his father into a well-deserved retirement.  A perfect blend of Gen X character and heartland values, Bryan fuses tenacious work ethic with technological prowess, paving the way for a prosperous future for the company.

Doug’s wisdom, reflected in his words, has been passed down to Bryan, shaping his approach towards work and life.  Doug’s saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” has been ingrained into Bryan’s mindset.  Helping to guide him through challenges and victories.

“Slow down, Boy,” another one of Doug’s nuggets of wisdom, has taught Bryan the value of patience, reinforcing that a steady pace often leads to sustainable success. Most profoundly, Doug’s belief that, “a man’s worth is not what he can build for himself, but how he affects the lives of others,” encapsulates the ethos of Longshot Enterprises.

These lessons haven’t remained confined within our company.  Bryan carries these teachings into his personal life, imparting his father’s wisdom to his daughters, Alexis and Bailey. The tradition of inspiring others to live their best lives continues to flourish within the Long family and the Longshot Enterprises community.

As we celebrate Father’s Day and express our admiration for fathers around the globe, we take a moment to honor the special father-son relationship in our own Longshot family. The legacy of Doug Long, now nurtured by Bryan, stands as a beacon to the profound influence fathers can have on their children and the communities they serve.

Doug’s spirited leadership, Bryan’s innovative vision, and the mutual respect they share are the beating heart of our Longshot story. As they pass the torch from one generation to the next, they embody the essence of fatherhood, leadership, and legacy.

Drawing on Doug’s wisdom, we recognize that the true worth of a man lies in how he impacts the lives of others.  Bryan (carrying forward his father’s legacy) seeks to inspire every member of Longshot Enterprises to reach their highest potential.

As we commemorate Father’s Day, we at Longshot Enterprises LLC, extend our sincerest wishes to all fathers. Like Doug Long, these men have dedicated themselves to their families and their work.  We honor the lessons they’ve imparted, the values they’ve upheld, and the legacy they continue to craft.

To all fathers out there, we wish you a heartfelt Happy Father’s Day!


Longshot Enterprises LLC

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