Stock Steel Tarps


Our Stock steel tarps are made with 18/14 oz Black Vinyl. The Dimensions are 28′ X 18′. We have three rows of D-Rings spaced 2′ apart and grommets placed in the hem for additional tie off spots. We take care in sewing your tarp because we offer two additional rows of stitching over your D-Ring rows. We also reinforce our D-Ring webbings with Vinyl. (Custom sizes and colors are available.)

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Stock Steel Tarp- 28’x8′ w/ 5′ drop
Longshot Enterprises’ Stock Steel Tarps are fabricated in Kansas. The tarp material we use for our stock tarps is black 18oz vinyl coated polyester (VCP); we use 14oz VCP in the sides to reduce the weight of the tarp. Our stock size is 28’ x 8’ w/ 5’ drops on the sides. There are 3 rows of D-Rings along the sides with 2 rows across the ends. We use 2” polyester webbing along the length and width of the tarp and 1½” polyester webbing reinforced with vinyl to attach the D-Rings. Longshots uses heavy 207 polyester thread in our double needle Lockstitch machines. Our tarps have #3 brass grommets in the reinforced hems around the perimeter of each tarp.

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Weight 80 lbs