Heavy Duty Steel Tarp (28’ x 8’ w/ 5′ drops)


Available on backorder



Longshot Enterprises’ Stock Steel Tarps are fabricated in Kansas.  The tarp material we use for our stock tarps is black 18oz vinyl coated polyester (VCP); we use 14oz VCP in the sides to reduce the weight of the tarp.  Our stock size is 28’ x 8’ w/ 5’ drops on the sides.  There are 3 rows of D-Rings along the sides with 2 rows across the ends.  We use 2” polyester webbing along the length and width of the tarp and 1½” polyester webbing reinforced with vinyl to attach the D-Rings.  Longshots uses heavy 207 polyester thread in our double needle Lockstitch machines.  Our tarps have #3 brass grommets in the reinforced hems around the perimeter of each tarp.

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